ALBUM – white boy blue

Thank you Robert Johnson,
thank you Mr John Lee,
thank you Otis, Muddy,
T-Bone and B.B.
I’m just a white boy blue
got my troubles, too.

SONGS – white boy blue

1. I‘m Ready (Willie Dixon) 3:18

2. White Boy Blue (Van Bluus) 5:07

3. Spaceman (Van Bluus) 4:34

4. Vision on a Subway (Van Bluus) 4:38

5. All in the Name of Love (Willy DeVille) 3:27

6. Road to Anywhere (Van Bluus) 4:40

7. Bad Time for the Good Times (Van Bluus) 4:00

bonus tracks
8. Oh Leadbelly (John Mayall) 3:00
9. Spaceman (extended Version) 5:28
10. All in the Name of Love (choir boys version) 0:45

Geholfen haben uns bei der CD vor allem:

Christine Back
back-voc bei Spaceman und Vision on a Subway

Lothar Schrems
Recording, Mixing & Mastering back-voc bei
All in the Name of Love